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15 Secret Benefits Of Walking Meditation

 15 Secret Benefits Of Walking Meditation

Most of you may think of meditation as a purely mental exercise, with a few added spiritual
benefits thrown in for good measure.

Believe it or not, meditation can actually be a very physical experience.This is where walking meditation comes in.

Meditation and walking separately are very good for you, but when the two are combined,they can be even more beneficial.

During a meditation walk, typically you will walk in a circle, back and forth in a straight line, or in a labyrinth, but it is possible to do this over a long distance as well.

There are different approaches and methods that you can use to reap the benefits.

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    1.  It connects you with your surroundings:

 When you practice walking meditation, you are engaged with your surroundings no matter where you are.

You are aware of the grass or sand under your feet, the waves on the beach, the wind rustling the trees.

If there are other sounds, smells.It really is an eye opening experience.Mindful walking allows you to connect with all these things and raises your awareness.

This is really important as most days people walk without even realizing their surroundings and can often walk in to people and things if they are mindlessly looking at their phone.

    2. It helps you get out of your head:

The process of walking meditation allows you to get some peace from any stress that you have been under.

It also helps you break out of any mental fog you may be experiencing.This can often help you deal with any issues, to clear your head and put things into perspective.

It can also clear your head enough to help you put into practice a to do list to deal with any issues.

    3. It Helps You Connect with your body:

Some people are not comfortable with their own bodies.They feel as if it’s a burden they must carry all throughout their lifetime.This makes it difficult to connect with one’s self.

When you do walking meditation, you are slowly establishing a relationship with your body.The process makes you aware of your body movements: your posture, gait, balance and how you can move with ease and comfort.

    4. It Helps You Connect with your mind:

 Stress brought about by heavy workloads or having too much on your plate, clogs your mind.It makes your thinking foggy and even more prone to a negative train of thoughts.But when you walk outdoors, it’s like getting out of a different world.

As a physical exercise, walking helps your body release endorphins, the chemical that triggers a positive feeling in your body.Eventually, you will have a clearer mind and your thinking may shift from destructive thoughts to more positive ones.

    5.  You can do it wherever you are:

Walking in nature gives you ample benefits.But when circumstances wouldn’t allow you to, simply take a walk wherever you are.

Walk in a busy street with your mind focusing on your breath and rhythm of your footsteps.Walk around your neighborhood.Walk along the hallway.

The key is to focus on your breath while doing it alone.Do it for yourself and the positivity it brings will not only benefit you but your loved ones as well.

    6.  You are in connection with your pace:

When you move mindfully and consciously, your pace would slow down. Walking meditation is not done in a hurried manner as in brisk walking.

It is taking your time and establishing awareness with your surroundings.It’s not how long have you covered, but how deeply you feel.

Slowing your pace also clears your mind and makes you focus on things that matter.

    7. Improves Blood Circulation:

In the modern world scenario, most of us are confined to our office desk for most of the day.There is usually not much scope of walking.This practice assists in getting the blood to flow, especially to the legs.It also helps to alleviate feelings of slothfulness or stagnancy.

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    8.  Reduces Anxiety:

 Just as chronic anxiety and stress release excess hormones that wreak havoc on your physical and mental well-being , walking meditation releases good endorphins that serve as natural pain-killers.

A study showed that walking is more effective in reducing symptoms of anxiety when combined with meditation.
     9.  Regulates Blood Sugar Levels:

A small study concluded that mindful walking meditation practice had a positive effect on blood sugar levels in people with type 2 diabetes.

Walking meditation makes your heart beat a little faster and breathe a little harder.During the process, your muscles use more glucose present in the bloodstream.

Overtime, this can lower your blood sugar level.It also makes insulin in your body work better.

    10.  Improves Sleep:

Sleep troubles are common in present day society, especially in younger generations.Physical activity helps to tire the body and improve sleep, but mental workouts like meditation can also do this.

The combination of walking and meditation incorporates both physical exercise and mental relaxation. It is great to practice throughout the day and an hour before bed to enter sleep with a calmer mind.

    11.  Improves well-being:

People gravitate toward this practice due to its positive effects on one’s well-being.Going out for a walk has been known to promote relaxation, as well as enhance brain activity.However, taking a walk in nature has additional benefits.

Researchers found that people who walked for 15 minutes in a bamboo forest showed improvements to their anxiety and stress levels, as well as blood pressure.If possible, go for a walk in a garden, park, or even a hiking trail.Being surrounded by nature helps you feel more balanced and increases your sense of well-being.

    12.  Improves your ability to focus:

Whenever you practice mindfulness, you are creating new connections in your brain.Mindfulness helps your brain grow new neural networks, and, by doing so, you are essentially rewiring your brain to more effectively handle tasks and deal with stress and emotions.This helps increase your focus.

    13.  Calms your mind:

Walking can help decrease your stress, and calm your mind.The neurons that are released while you walk can help dull feelings of anxiety, and relax your senses.

Meditation does this also, so when you put the two together, you are doubling your chances of calming yourself down. Getting fresh air is also a great way to calm your mind.

Now that you know of the benefits of Meditation Walk, let’s tell you how to do a meditation walk.

Find A Good Location: An ideal location is essential.

Choose a lane or pathway that doesn’t have elements that might hinder your practice.

It is best to avoid a busy road or a bustling lane because that will be too much to take,at least initially.

A place where you can go back and forth for 10 to 20 steps would be suitable.

It could be indoors or out in nature, but make sure it is relatively empty because slow walking might garner unnecessary attention from those who are not aware of it.

     14.  Be Aware Of Each Step:

Observing each step that you take is as important as following a particular pattern of walking.There are individual components while you walk that you need to watch and be aware of in walking meditation that you otherwise don’t notice.

Simple movements like being aware of lifting your foot, taking it forward, placing it on the ground, and feeling the touch of the ground on your feet are important.

The same way, you must also notice how the weight of the body shifts onto the other leg,and the same procedure continues.Maintain An Appropriate Speed: Walk as if you have no destination to reach.

Walk calmly.

Maintain a pace that feels natural and not exaggerated or stylized.

Keep it slow and steady.

Then, there is better scope to observe your movements intricately and, in the process,build better awareness of your body.

We suggest you keep your pace slow and take smaller steps for a better experience.Position Your Hands And Arms: When you go for a mindful walk, you are not sure how to place your hands and arms.

You wonder if you have to leave them the way they are or position them in a particular manner.

Well, there are many ways of doing it.

Choose whatever works best for you.You can keep them clasped behind your back or in the front or leave them hanging at your sides.

    15.  Balance Your Focus:

When you walk, it is important to focus either on the sensations you feel inside your body or something particularly interesting you notice during the walk.

Observe your body and how it moves while you take each step.Feel your breath as it goes in and out. Or notice the manner in which the leaves of a tree sway in tandem with the breeze.

As you try to focus, the mind is sure to waver from time to time.The only solution for this is to refocus and keep going.

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While increasing longevity in your skill, sport or profession.

Learn to hack the flow state and enter the zone

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