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Why You Should Never Sleep In A PonyTail

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Why You Should Never Sleep In A PonyTail
Why You Should Never Sleep In A PonyTail

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Why is sleeping in a ponytail bad for your hair? You might think that sleeping in a ponytail is, in fact, a good decision. There will be no hair on your face. No tangles. No damage! Right? Think again. It turns out sleeping in a ponytail may cause serious damage and breakage. If you pull your hair tightly in a ponytail and sleep with it on, it can cause traction alopecia along the hairline.
Traction Alopecia is hair loss caused by the hair being repeatedly pulled back. No matter the length of your hair, its type or texture, just don’t sleep in a ponytail. The good news is if you happen to notice signs of traction alopecia, it can be easily reversed. You just need to stop sleeping with your hair up. And that counts with everything from a ponytail to buns. Bedtime routine for healthy hair This is crucial. No matter how busy or tired you are, you need to practice good hair habits in order to get lovely tresses that stay with you forever. If you want to wake up with lovely hair, follow these tips. 1. Dry your hair before sleeping Life can be pretty hectic. Every morning feels like a race against time. It makes sense to want to speed up your morning routine by washing your hair at night. In fact, it is good for you. 2. Massage your scalp every night Trust us, this is easy and relaxing. You will have a very peaceful sleep along with a positive impact on your precious hair. 3. Prep and brush Many of our grandmothers would tell us to count to 100 while brushing hair before bed? It turns out they were absolutely right. It doesn’t always have to be 100, but brushing and detangling before sleep are healthy for your hair. 4. Moisturize Just like your skin, hair needs moisture. Dry hair is more prone to breaking and dandruff. You can use hair oil, or hydrating hair conditioners and masks to hydrate your hair. 5. Upgrade to silk pillowcases and headwraps Since tying your hair up in a bun or ponytail is no longer an option, you need something that can keep hair away from your face while avoiding damage. Satin/ silk pillows and headwraps are the safest options to ensure a good night’s sleep with hair resting safely.