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Diabetes: 11 Signs You Have Low Blood Sugar

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Diabetes: 11 Signs You Have Low Blood Sugar
Diabetes Freedom

Diabetes: 11 Signs You Have Low Blood Sugar
Diabetes Freedom

Does your vision blur? Do your nightmares worsen? Is it possible to have a seizure?

Night Sweats

Regular sweating is uncomfortable enough. Sweating while in bed can be absolutely horrifying. Also known as nocturnal hypoglycemia, night sweats occur when you have a drop in blood glucose. This is a type of sugar in your body that keeps it functioning properly. In the case of night sweats, your drop in glucose is caused by several factors.

Blurred Vision

Another rather alarming symptom of hypoglycemia is blurry vision. This can be both short-term AND long-term.


If you suffer from hypoglycemia, you may have feelings of extreme hunger… Even right after you’ve eaten. This acts as a message from your brain that your body is in need of glucose. If you suffer from low blood sugar, you should make meals that balance your glucose out to a healthy level. This means eating food rich in carbohydrates. This way, the carbs will transform into glucose.


Is there anything these days that isn’t anxiety inducing? Simply living life can put you on edge. Well, add hypoglycemia to your list of things to worry about.


Like blurred vision and anxiety, dizziness is yet another frightening symptom of hypoglycemia. Many of us have gotten up from the couch and felt disoriented. If you feel this frequently, you might want to check the level of your blood sugar.

Slurred Speech

This symptom is prevalent in the extreme cases of hypoglycemia. To put it simply, if your brain has been deprived of sugar, yo-u will not be able to speak clearly or properly. Imagine trying to make conversation, yet all you can do is slur your words. While the person your talking to thinks you’ve been drinking, the truth is your blood sugar is just low.