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11 Foods People Eat That Can Kill You

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11 Foods People Eat That Can Kill You
11 Foods People Eat That Can Kill You

 The Lost Book of Herbal Remedies

Can pufferfish and shellfish kill you? Are almonds and tomatoes dangerous?
1. Puffer Fish
Pufferfish, more commonly known as blowfish, are cute to look at. They are the slow clumsy swimmers in the ocean famous for their elastic stomachs. A pufferfish can ingest a huge amount of water and air to inflate itself to several times their size. 

2. Cherry Seeds
Cherry pits can be dangerous as they contain Amygdalin, which is basically cyanide. No matter how tempted you're, do not swallow cherry pits. A man in Lancashire almost died of cyanide poisoning because he ate 3 cherry pits. The man explained he cracked opened the pit to find something with almond texture inside. It was delicious, so he ate 3. 

3. Shellfish
Every year 200.000 people in the US rush to emergency rooms due to food allergies. And shellfish is one of the most prevalent factors in causing seafood allergies in a lot of people. 

4. Casu Marzu Cheese
Casu Marzu cheese is a traditional Sardinian variety extra fermented by the live maggots inside it. The live maggots partially decompose in the cheese, giving it the particular taste Casu Marzu is known for. 

5. Hot Dogs
What hot dogs? It can’t be true. After all, hot dogs are an American icon and everyone from kids to adults love them. Be it a picnic at the park or a random shopping spree, hot dogs are a delicious companion. These aren't poisonous and they do not contain those difficult to pronounce poisonous chemicals. Although they can be just as deadly.