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10 Body Changes That Need Your Attention

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10 Body Changes That Need Your Attention
10 Body Changes That Need Your Attention

10 Body Changes That Need Your Attention

Are dry, chapped lips cause for panic? What about eyebrow loss? Can your nails and feet be indicators of bad breath? Let's find out!
Eyebrows are precious to us. Tweeze them the wrong way and you will realize how vital they are to your face symmetry and overall looks! It’s even more difficult to decide whether the focal point for Voldemort was an eyebrowless face or a missing nose!

Your nail health can suggest your overall state. Healthy nails are smooth, without any pits or grooves. They are uniform in color and without any spots. 

Corkscrew-shaped body hair can be indicative of vitamin C deficiency in the body. The reason behind corkscrew-shaped hair is a defect in the protein structure of hair as it grows. This defect is mainly caused by a deficiency of vitamin C.

Skin redness can be caused by many things ranging from a normal sunburn to an allergic reaction. Your skin can also become red from a high-intensity workout. Sometimes, your body sends extra blood to your skin’s surface to fight allergens or irritants, while healing.

Struggling with dry skin? Well, before you try to get rid of the issue by slathering moisturizer, here’s something you should know. Dry skin could be a sign that something isn’t right with your body. Healthy skin is a sign of a well-balanced nutritional diet indicating your body is getting its supply of minerals and vitamins. However, it is normal to experience skin dryness during cold weather.