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8 Weight Loss Tips Tested, Here’s What Worked

8 weight loss tips tested here's what worked .

wondering how to lose weight , going on a weight-loss journey whether it be your first time or tenth can be
tiring and discouraging especially if you're not getting the results you're looking for .

what is even worse is there are ton of strategies out there that can hinder your efforts ,because there are so many different strategies and people telling you what works it's difficult to know who to trust.

 if you're wondering how to lose weight keep reading for some of the top weight loss tips that are circling society and the internet and whether or not they'll work.

   8.  Measure your weight on a daily basis :

how you value yourself should never be determined by a number on a scale ,there is no wrong way for your body and even healthy weight can fluctuate between two to five pounds throughout the day .

this type of trick can also expose an obsessive personality that you may have .

be your number one Supporter : research has shown that when we focus on just losing weight rather than being fixated on a certain number, we have better luck in reaching our goals our weight fluctuates every single day depending on the number of factors .

one of the biggest factors is water weight,  if you ate a particularly carb heavy meal the night before and then
step on the scale it is entirely possible for the scale to jump 5 maybe even 10 pounds this doesn't mean that you miraculously gained 10 pounds overnight.

 your body is just retaining water ,it is perfectly normal for our weight to fluctuate every day but some people tend to obsess over this fluctuating number which can be unhealthy and ruin their progress in the long run .

the verdict on this trick is that it's bad advice .

   7. Eat a lot of mini meals

throughout the day many people think that if they substitute the three major meals we're required to eat per day with many small meals they will lose weight .

the best way to dissect this trick is with pure facts ,research shows that eating five to six meals a day is no better than consuming three solid meals.

 in fact , studies have shown that eating more frequently has also increased the desire to eat more .

the verdict would be that if you enjoy prepping more meals and wasting more time go ahead and do it but it will not provide you with any results you're looking for .

did you know that there's a little-known but effective way to listen to your cravings that can help you lose weight ?

well , stick around until the end to find out what it is .

  6.  Cooking from scratch

the type of food we choose to eat has the biggest impact on maintaining healthy weight ,so not only does cooking from scratch give us control over ingredients we're going to consume ,but preparing a meal actually transforms us from a consumer to a producer .

not only do you have the power over the ingredients you're consuming ,but you also have the power over how much you're actually going to eat .

when you purchase fast food or a meal at a restaurant the portions have one size fits all.

the verdict behind this trick is you want to escape dieting ,then start making your meals from scratch, not only will you save money but it'll hold you accountable for foods you're eating your diet will be much more healthy and your body will reap the rewards.

   5.   Start a juice cleanse

consuming nutritious fruits and vegetables through the means of juicing is a great way for switching things up .

but there's no way your body will be able to sustain that weight loss on a daily basis ,chances are once you go back to eating regular meals the way we'll go right back on.

 it's a great trick to detox your body if you've been slacking off but by no means is it a great way to live day by day.

 the verdict on this trick is that it can be a great addition to your program but it's not a good choice for sustaining weight loss .

   4.  Snap a picture

if you can find the time to send a picture of every meal you consume to a nutritionist ,you would be incredibly dedicated to making your weight-loss goal .

starting a meal diary might sound silly but it will help you think more carefully of your foods you're eating because you're posting them.

this tip will help you generate more awareness to what you're actually fueling your body with .

the verdict behind this trick is that it can work, if you're embarrassed about certain foods you might consume take a picture of it and put the caption turned it down

3.  Taking weight loss supplements

some weight loss tips are just ways for big companies to earn money ,take weight loss supplements for example.

 research has shown that there is no way to substitute frequent exercise and healthy eating with supplements.

 buying weight loss supplements is the equivalent to flushing your money down the drain, they are a great addition but there's no supplement out there that can make you lose weight without exercise or dieting .

they are meant to supplement an already healthy diet and training program not replace it .furthermore ,these supplements will take time to take effect .

the verdict behind this tip is that you should avoid the weight loss supplement section in the health food store.

 all the ingredients you need are already in your kitchen if you don't need to spend money to lose weight ,all you have to do is change up your lifestyle ,change your diet ,add exercise into your life and
you'll see the pounds melt right off your body .

don't buy into weight loss supplements that just don't work you can do it on your own without spending any
unnecessary money .

   2.   Eat less calories

this tip depends on your eating habits, if you are constantly overeating then yes you should eat fewer calories but it can also be dangerous when fewer calories are going in than out .

you may see a reduction in weight loss it can also put a lot of stress on your body not only will this weaken your metabolism but it can also weaken your digestive system and slow your pulse and thyroid function .

the verdict behind this tip is try not to focus on the amount of calories you are consuming focus more on the type of foods that you're eating and the ingredients that it contains .

when we focus on calories it can become an unhealthy obsession so try to stay away from counting calories and instead switch your diet to whole and nutritious foods which have healthy ingredients that way you won't obsess over counting calories at every meal.

 remember everything in moderation by all means eat until you're full but try to avoid snacking if possible .

now here's the most surprising thing about weight loss that you probably didn't know and it's all about your cravings .

       1.      Listen to your cravings your cravings

may be constantly trying to tell you something you're not realizing.

 if you're having fat cravings it means you're not consuming enough healthy fats ,your glucose levels are what generate energy so when you have sugar cravings it could mean that you either have too much glucose or not enough.

 if you are constantly stressed you may crave chocolate ,chocolate contains magnesium and magnesium deficiency is generally related to stress .

if you can learn what each craving means this tip can be very beneficial .

so listen to your cravings by learning more about your cravings , you can learn how to change your diet and
get rid of those cravings eliminating the possibility of indulging in unhealthy snacks and speeding up your weight loss .

now that you know some popular weight loss tricks which have been tested, it's time to put your knowledge to the test.

 if you're wondering how to lose weight remember that to lose weight you must not only change up your diet but also add activity and exercise into your life .

listen to your body , try out what works for you and create an exercise regimen that helps you burn off those calories .

achieve the weight loss you deserve.

what are some weight loss tips and tricks that you swear by ?

what weight loss tricks don't work for you ?

 let us know in the comments section below .