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18 Self Care Ways to Conquer Bad Mental Health Days

18 Self Care Ways to Conquer Bad Mental Health Days

You forget your wallet, you spill coffee on yourself right before an interview, today

just makes you want to say, “Omg why me and what’s next?!”

Relax and take a deep breath, you are just having a bad day.

These types of days, more than most, call for a little self care.

   Tip  #1 Meditate:

 This one is one of the most important self-care habits around.

Meditation is incredibly beneficial in helping to calm the mind and increase clarity and confidence.

Meditation also helps you effectively manage your emotions and is linked to combating depression
and anxiety.

If you meditate consistently, when bad days come along you will be much better equipped to deal with them.

   Tip #2 Go For a Walk:

Walks can be amazing especially if you are having a bad day.

Take a walk to clear your head or even go for a run. You would be surprised at how just a change in scenery can help turn your day around.

Go for a walk in the park if you live in a vibrant city like Vancouver, Canada or New York City.

Go ahead, take a stroll down the city streets, (after you’re done reading  this article of course)!

   Tip #3 Journal:

Journaling is a very healthy activity that anyone could benefit from. Journaling can help you clear your head, help you make important patterns between thoughts and feelings and a great way to keep track of your goals.

Writing can be a wonderful outlet and stress reliever on a bad day.

   Tip #4 Clean Out Your social media:

Social media is as entertaining as it is draining sometimes.If you are having a bad day cleaning your social media feeds could be a great way to guard you against toxic content.

Try Following more inspirational people on social media. Their feeds are usually more positive which could be a great boost of positivity on a bad day.

Let’s face it we could use more positivity in the world these days.

   Tip #5 Take a Bubble Bath:

Complete this with a glass of red wine, some relaxing music and you got yourself the ultimate destresser.

Consider purchasing a bath caddy which conveniently stretches over your tub while holding your wine, your favourite book, and maybe even a bowl of chocolate covered strawberries.

Delish! The ultimate indulgence.

   Tip #6 Have a Solo Dance Party:

Sometimes it takes something random to give you the boost you need to break through your bad day.

Just turn on your favourite dance track and dance! This could be a healthy activity for your overall well-being giving you that healthy rush of endorphins you need on a bad day.

So, close the door, put on your jammies, turn the music up and start dancing the night away!

   Tip #7 Watch Funny Videos:  

Bad days don’t stand a chance with this one. There are tons of funny videos on YouTube and Instagram that will keep you laughing for hours so no matter how your day is going you shouldn’t have a problem finding one that makes you chuckle.

There has also been a ton of research on the link between laughing and mental health.

Even after laughing for just a few minutes could make you feel better for hours.

   Tip #8 Paint Outside:

Painting can be a very relaxing activity. Especially if it’s nice weather painting outside can be quite exhilarating.

One suggestion is to purchase an easel, set it up on your porch, and maybe even turn on some nice music while you paint.

You would be surprised at how calming this experience is. You may even add this to your regular routine.

   Tip #9 Avoid Alcohol:

A lot of times when we have bad days the first thing on the agenda is alcohol. We want to head straight home and tackle that bottle of wine.

You don’t want alcohol to become your go-to when you have bad days as this gives birth to a very unhealthy habit that could be hard to break.

Therefore, if you’re looking to escape to a happy hour after a long hard day at work try not to make it a habit.

   Tip #10 Do a Legs up Yoga Pose:

Yes, this actually has great health benefits and is a very common yoga practice. Because your heart doesn’t have to pump as hard in this position, it is said to give your heart more rest and slows down your heart rate.

So, if you’re having a bad day and you need a way to quickly calm down this is the perfect solution.

   Tip #11 Take A Nap:

Sometimes the best thing you can do for yourself, is to have a nap. Being overtired can cause dips in our mood and can sometimes be the cause of why you may be feeling crummy.

Or if you feel like you just can’t turn this day around going to bed early and trying again tomorrow, might be the best remedy.

Plus getting a jump start on a restful sleep will up your chances of having an awesome day tomorrow.

   Tip #12 Let The Music Speak For You:

There are days when you just can’t find the words to express how you’re feeling. If your feeling like no one understands, then find some music that really speaks to how you’re feeling.

It could be a sad song to relate to, or it could be something uplifting that may help bring you out of a funk.

   Tip #13 Practice Gratitude:

Sometimes a little perspective can go a long way. You’re feelings are totally valid but focusing on what you do have, instead of that you don’t have, might help you to feel better.

This can also help you become inspired instead of sad the next time you’re faced with adversity.

   Tip #14 Get Some Puppy Love:

We’re not talking about that cutie down the street, we’ll unless they have four legs and a wet nose.

Yes, we’re talking about actually puppies. There’s a reason dogs are called man’s best friend.

You’ll have so much fun hanging out with your furry friend you might forget your troubles, even if it’s just for a short while.

Tip #15 Unplug:

We touched on social media in the beginning of this video, but sometimes unplugging from tech entirely can do wonders for your headspace.

There’s nothing that will fuel the fear of missing out or “FOMO” more than social media.

Plus this time away from the screen will give you time to do something creative, or just give you space to focus on yourself for a while.

   Tip #16 Clean:

We’re not necessarily taking a page from Marie Kondo, but decluttering your mind can sometimes start with decluttering your home.

You don’t have to get rid of all your possessions, but just cleaning up your room or organizing your space will have a surprising effect on your mood.

Plus when you’re ready to get back at it, you’ll have an organized space to start.

Tip #17 Get Fancy:

All dressed up and no place to go?

Sounds perfect. Self care can sometimes mean actual care to your outer self.

Spend an hour moisturizing your face, put on one of your favourite outfits that makes you feel amazing, get a new haircut!

Even if you don’t plan on leaving the house, taking the opportunity to focus on you and do something that’ll make you feel good, at least on the outside isn’t a bad idea.

Who knows once you’re all spruced up maybe you’ll want to call some friends and hit the town.

Tip #18 Get In The Kitchen:

Doesn’t matter if your a great baker, chef or an amateur.

Cooking is a fun way to destress and can be fun! If you’re not a wiz in the kitchen, making something simple can be fun too.

It’ll take your mind off of whatever is bothering you and if you cook something healthy, you’re bound to start feeling better.

Our food can have a major impact on our mood, so as tempting as it may be to order another pizza, why not try your hand at cooking something new?

Once you try it you may like it and now you’ll be able to impress your pals with this fancy new dish you can whip up next time company comes over.

Do you feel any better now that we've given you all these great tips?

Have any of these worked for you in the past?

How do you navigate a bad day?

Why don’t you let your fellow befitnow .vip  readers  know your own personal tips to help turn a bad day into a better one.